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Fetus Growth in the Womb

Most Amazing Facts About Fetus Growth in the Womb are the learning process has been started since the amazing facts of fetus in the womb, the fetus to learn to follow the second and third trimester, as in space amphitheater complex than any world class
Most Amazing Facts About Fetus Growth in the Womb
Most Amazing Facts About Fetus Growth in the Womb are the learning process has been started since the amazing facts of fetus in the womb, the fetus to learn to follow the second and third trimester, as in space amphitheater complex than any world class.Thats skills already possessed babies in the womb, according to Fred J. Schwartz, MD, an anesthesiologist from Piedmont Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Thumb Sucking Habit. Of course, when most babies love to suck my thumb, because apparently, this practice began in the womb. Sucking reflex helps the baby while suckling, the mother no longer necessary that the nipples thrust. Thumb sucking skills have to be started for 19 weeks, as the baby's brain has reached millions of motor nerves, so that he was able to make conscious movements such as thumb sucking.

Swimming habits. As the baby in the womb, he was in the water for 9 months, the amniotic fluid used. The baby was happy happy swimming at the age of 20 weeks. Today children will make active movements that will be felt by the mother can, probably because only half the length of the new birth and weighs about 340 grams, so he still has plenty of room to swim.

Hiccup habits. During pregnancy, mothers sometimes feel continuous movement. Into the abdomen Fetus could be if it was a hiccup. It will usually come out of the womb week 25 felt. This suggests that the fetus practiced breathing. Currently fetus inhaling and exhaling amniotic fluid, amniotic fluid when taking too much, it will hiccup. It is something that is appropriate.

Listen. Many are suggesting pregnant women often communicate with the fetus in the womb. It is true, as if still in the womb, the fetus can already hear the sound of her mother and others in the vicinity. When implementing a 4-dimensional ultrasound in addition to verifying the completeness of the body's organs, the doctor will also ask the fetus do something and see the reaction of the fetus. For example, if the fetus is below when the doctor told him to hold his head, apparently fetus can follow orders. Sun pregnant women should be careful when speaking, because the fetus can hear, when she was angry. This is evidenced by the immediate reaction to streamline the stomach.

Distinction of Light and Dark. Several studies have shown that babies in the womb 27-28 weeks in the open position, his eyes, which was different in a position between dark and light was. To see if the doctor has a flashlight in his stomach, he could see the light. Through the wall of the uterus Also blink when the fetus could he thinks too much glare or bright.

Express yourself. Fetus in the womb was already able to express themselves in accordance with the currently perceived mother. If lucky, the mother in a state sit back while listening to music, the fetus also feel lucky, so that he would smile. Conversely, if the mother is stressed, the fetus is menyengitkan forehead. Only the portrait of your baby look like 4-dimensional ultrasound.

Learning a second language. Apparently, the baby in the womb to learn the language they hear often, to understand even up to two languages at once. And this ability to exercise their birth. In a study published in Psychological Science, infants is to hear the two languages are used during the womb soon easier to learn two languages. This is also in agreement with the results of the research psychologist at the University of British Columbia and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in France.

If fetus loves to suck and sipped sense? When displayed on the screen, the fetal age of 16 weeks the fetus has to sip an adventure with his ability to taste of amniotic fluid and her mouth started sucking motion. Intelligence to the fetus early enjoyed the feeling began to grow.

When the fetus to be able to use the sense of touch? At 4-5 months gestation fetus can already feel the feeling on the surface of the body and skin. As his lips touched the fetus to make a train around the lips open and seemed to suck. When you touch the palm of the hand grasping the fetus reacts.

What if the fetus is experiencing tension or stress in the womb? If a pregnant woman experiencing mental stress and psychological pressure during pregnancy, the fetus may be affected in the womb. Excessive movement of the fetus, slightly raised or cramps called uterine contractions. It may even be possible occurrence of preterm labor or premature rupture of membranes. The fetus can also issue a chair in the uterus and contaminate the amniotic fluid.

What pregnant women should be considered for the benefit of the fetus in the uterus into consideration?
The amazing facts of fetus in the womb Receive an upright all body changes, ups and downs while undergoing pregnancy. Maintenance of health and fitness with activities that do not get tired. Keep the intake of nutritious food for the growth of the fetus in utero. Keep the mood and calm mind since the baby confirmed pregnant. Care harmonious relationship between man and woman to avoid domestic violence. Enter soft music stimuli on maternal abdominal wall, singing prayers and men and women often stimulate baby, the mother's abdomen touch with gentle strokes while talking to the amazing facts of fetus in the womb. Previous Articles: Human Mouth and Tongue, Human Eyes.

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